HECS® Hunting clothing can make you even more undetectable and make your time outside better when you're hunting turkeys. We research the nature of turkeys, not just their demeanor, but how they're able to detect and even see electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The easiest way for a hunter to have an improved turkey hunt is to curb their own EMR.

HECS® Hunting is really the biggest benefit for a turkey hunter who wants to increase their chance of success. In regards to hunting turkeys, closing in on it isn't the only factor here. It's all about masking your movement because when you move, you produce electrical energy. Turkeys detect your movements very well and this is what hinders most hunters. With HECS® Hunting clothing, the electrical energy your body produces when it moves is concealed, and this means you'll be able to move without the turkey sensing your presence easily. This is extremely innovative for turkey hunting.

Because of their sharp eyes, camo clothing is pretty much required when hunting turkeys, and we mean full-on camouflage, such as hand coverings, hat, boots and mask. HECS® Hunting doesn't only provide you with sufficient camouflage, but it prevents your electrical energy from being seen by turkeys.

You can make your turkey hunt better with HECS® Hunting. Any exposed part of your body will emit EMR and turkeys can detect this. With hunting camo from HECS®, you can block your EMR. We provide camouflage suits, head covers and gloves that have our carbon grid technology for your turkey hunt.

Purchase your HECS® Hunting camo and be ready for the turkey hunt. Experience your time outdoors like never before.

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