Following a two week road trip my family and I returned to a mold-ridden room. Apparently, while we were somewhere in the Midwest a plumbing pipe started dripping. Fortunately, it wasn't too terrible. Mold was then multiplying. And mold propagates like a flash. Mold starts multiplying very quickly if conditions are favorable. And what are those? Mold depend upon nourishments, liquid, and time. Well, there was certainly moisture. How about nourishments? What does mold eat? Many things, but in my house the organism was eating clothes, plywood, and dust. I was surprised to read this.

What are methods to remove mold? First, stop the source of moisture. In my family's home this meant repairing the pipe. Afterwards, oust the mold. It may sound easy but it's not. You'll need to contact a state agency to learn about proper mold removal techniques in your area. Or phone a good restoration company. Mold Removal Needham MA